We offer the most current UHP units. We offer the Diesel C-9 Husky 40,000psi UHP units and the latest in technology Diesel C-9 Husky 55,000psi UHP units with A-3000 Hand Lances, UHP Robotic Equipment, UHP Deck Hogs & 3K to 7K Pressure Washers. Equipment comes complete with fully stocked and conveniently labeled parts boxes. The 275- hp Model C-9 engine meets Tier 3 emissions levels. Our HydroCat Robotic Unit is very innovative and high productive.

ISP UHP units all go through a complete upgrade once we receive new from OEM. We disassemble completely, blasted and painted with a 4 coat polyurethane system. All hardware on the units consists of stainless steel and brass fittings. UHP Units are mounted in fully engineered certified skids that have all the required wire rope slings for lifting as well as apertures for forklift. All UHP units receive numerous upgrades at ISP from our certified technician before ever going into the field to ensure maximum productivity, optimum safety, and lowest possible operating costs.

ISP also offers parts with fast delivery and easy ordering.

  • ISP Equipment is new and/or low hours
  • ISP UHP Equipment is Tier 3 emissions
  • ISP Equipment is Offshore ready
  • ISP Equipment has forklift and sling pick-up’s.
  • We have a certified instructor for teaching UHP classes. It is hands on training with the students assisting in troubleshooting during disassembly and correct reassembly with an emphasis on safety.
  • ISP’s shop is conveniently located in Houma, LA with a fully stocked parts department, making parts delivery quick and easy.
  • ISP units are upgraded from the OEM with low-pressure heat sensors to reduce parts usage therefore reducing downtime. Nobody else in the industry offers this on the 40K & 55K Units – Less downtime = Increased production
  • Electrical cables are rerouted after delivery from the factory preventing water from entering the electrical panel. This also reduces downtime and parts usage.
  • Stainless Steel & Brass fittings & Hardware. Consoles are Stainless Steel.
  • Additional Stainless Steel Water Filter System to get water better clarity.
  • ISP units have automatic shutdown sensors to monitor low inlet water pressure, high engine or pump temperature, and low engine or pump oil pressure, which reduces parts usage and downtime.
  • Our units have a solid rooftop and we add thermal spray aluminum as well as wraps on the muffler.
  • Our operations manager is a former technician of seven years and very knowledgeable in troubleshooting. We are available 24/7.
  • ISP units are C-9 digital units. They have a screen that gives codes on pump health should a problem arise. This provides a quick turn around on diagnostics and downtime. With analog, the operator has to troubleshoot the unit and this can take additional time and additional parts.


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