Tailored Solutions

We offer clients an innovative, safe and environmentally friendly solution for UHP surface preparation across all industries using out patent pending process. From equipment rentals to service provider, ISP provides unmatched customer experiences that deliver results.


Delivering Results Onshore & Offshore

Petrochemical Plants
Storage Terminals
Offshore Platforms
Offshore Drilling

Driving Surface Preparation Forward

Progressive Safety Initiatives

SAFETY: Staying ahead of safety and training trends helps us keep our client's business and employees away from risk.

Continuous Innovation

INNOVATION: Sometimes a simple solution isn’t enough. We are committed to leading the surface preparation industry in order to better serve our clients.

Driven Customer Service

PEOPLE: Decades of knowledge supports our clients everyday to recommend solutions to achieve success together.

Minimal Environmental Impact

ENVIRONMENT: Keeping our eco-system in mind, we've developed a patent pending process that minimizes waste and environmental impact"


Built On Innovation

Starting as a blaster/painter himself, Randy LeBoeuf (ISP CEO/Founder), always strived to offer the most innovative methods for providing his services. His career in the coatings and corrosion industry started back in 1981 with Tesco. This is the company he and his wife later purchased in 1986 with the commitment to continue reforming the industry. The business continued to grow until it’s sale in 2007 to Brand Energy Services. Randy continued working with Brand Energy Services until in 2009 when he teamed up with a friend on a new venture providing action-oriented oilfield services and solutions. 

One thought lead to another and in 2012, Randy and Rocky Smith (ISP Vice President) teamed up to offer new technology in the UHP and surface prep industry that had never been seen before. After extensive testing, research and development, Innovative Surface Prep (ISP) was started with the one goal of providing unparalleled equipment and technology backed with a experienced and innovative team.
Since 2012, ISP has served clients all over the world and continued on their mission to innovate and serve. This lead to Randy’s departure from the oilfield services venture to give ISP 100% of his efforts. Since then ISP has introduced a new state-of-the-art UHP Robotic system that’s main focus is to increase safety and efficiencies while decreasing the environmental impact of surface preparation. All of these benefits combined lead to cost savings for the client making ISP the first choice in surface preparation providers. 

To combat a more recent challenge in 2016, Randy designed a process that would eliminate waste disposal and clean dispensed water with its process system. The next challenge was to implement a system that eliminates lead and high contents of metals. This system enables onsite discharge of clean water that in most cases is approved to be discharged into drainage ditches or sewer systems. This new advancement, paired with ISP’s patent pending process, offers clients peace-of-mind through a safe and environmentally friendly solution.

With over a century of collective experience in the blasting, coatings and corrosion industry, ISP owners and team look forward to continuing to solve client challenges by driving the industry forward. We are your innovator, the dedicated team to solving your UHP and surface preparation needs.

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