Blasting Deeper

Simply put, UHP water blasting prepares a cleaner surface, in less time, using a smaller budget. For customers looking for minimal project impact, UHP offers you less associated health problems and environmental impact than abrasive blasting.

What's UHP Blasting?

UHP water blasting (or jetting) is a surface preparation technique that uses ultra high-pressure water to remove various coatings, contamination, chlorides and corrosion. The process uses pure, chloride-free water to remove unwanted materials to leave behind a ultra-clean, rust-free surface.


How do we use UHP?

Keeping our client's safety in mind, ISP has increased the integrity of all UHP equipment that we offer. As challenges and regulations continue to arise, ISP is committed to being a leader in providing quality surface preparation solutions utilizing our proprietary process.


Moving You Forward

Safer Operations

Advances in UHP robotic technology is putting technicians further out of harms way. UHP water blasting's medium is pure water rather than the hazards in abrasive blasting. Grit can cause dangerous dust clouds that are harmful for workers to inhale. Grit also can find its way into ventilation ducts and other important systems within plants and facilities causing major damage.

Lower Costs Than Grit Blasting

Because only pure water is used to remove coatings with ISP equipment, water jetting costs less than grit blasting by eliminating the need for collection, containment and disposal of abrasive. Removing garnet alone can save you up to $300/hr for each blaster. High productivity and no extra clean up means you can focus purely on moving the job forward.

Reduced Overall Project Time

Removal of coatings with water instead of grit allows for other work to be completed during water jet operation. Steel and mechanical welders, electrical or even painting can be performed concurrently with UHP surface preparation, which means projects are completed in less time saving you (the customer) the most on your projects.

Produces A Cleaner Surface

A cleaner surface means reapplied coatings will last longer. Innovative Surface Prep equipment removes coatings and leaving the surface at a WJ-1 to WJ-4 SSPC/NACE standards with the original profile intact. Corrosion products are removed from deep into the profile pits and leave your surface with zero water-soluble salts, chlorides and other contaminants to provide a ultra-clean surface for new coatings.

Smaller Job Footprint

Equipment location and footprint on a job site can be very critical. The overall UHP water blasting job footprint is much smaller than abrasive when you remove the larger blast pots, larger compressors, grit bags, storage hoppers and other associated blasting equipment.

Eco-friendly Process

Environmental compliance is an area of coating removal that is gaining more and more attention. With grit blasting's detrimental impact to our environment, ultra high-pressure (UHP) blasting has been accepted and is now being recognized as the leading choice in surface preparation with minimal waste and environmental impact.

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