A more flexible yet powerful solution for removing various surface coatings

UHP Hand Lance

Our UHP hand lance units give operators more power through a high speed rotary head, making it ideal for removing the toughest coatings. Utilizing compressed air, lower water volumes and a light weight body, our hand lance units reduce operator fatigue, making your jobs more efficient and safe. All hand lance units are equipped with a double trigger setup that requires both triggers to be compressed in order for the gun to operate.

UHP hand lances are ideal for removing materials such as coatings, rubber, fiberglass, cement, fire proofing, rust, scale, calcium deposits and oxides. With multiple cutting and sweep heads available, we are able to customize a solution to fit your specific need. With its unmatched productivity and eco-friendly operation, our hand lances are a sensible alternative to grit blasting, burning and chemical removal.

Tailored Heads For Your Project
4-Jet Hornet Nozzle
  • Surface preparation tool
  • Removes extra-heavy coatings, cement and fire proofing
  • Great for maintenance projects and inspections.
5-Jet Rotary Hornet Nozzle
  • Surface preparation tool
  • Removes heavy coatings, rubber, fiberglass, rust and corrosion
  • Great for maintenance projects and inspections.
Rotary Sweep Nozzle
  • Creates a tight substrate
  • Removes oxidation, loose coatings, and corrosion
  • Great for etching concrete & other masonry surfaces
Rotary Injection Nozzle
  • Creates 2-5 MIL anchor profile
  • Removes heavy coatings, rust and corrosion
  • Great for new construction and weld seams.
UHP Deck Hog

Our UHP deck hog unit is a powerful and efficient tool for tackling your more difficult decking surface preparation tasks. The “walk behind” deck hog unit gets its power from our 40K UHP pump, and is able to do the work of two hand lance operators, prepping 175 – 225 sq. ft. per hour of operation.

The UHP deck hog is ideal for removing heavy non skids, coatings, corrosion, fiberglass and rubber surfaces. We offer the unit with a optional vacuum recovery attachment that assists with containing the majority of waste from the surface prep operations. This simple, easy to use piece of equipment is able to reach under clearances as low as 15.5 in. and has a detachable head, making it easy for transportation.

Pressure Washers

Our range of pressure washer units were built to meet the demands of heavy duty industrial, commercial, marine and refinery applications. With skid designs that meet all offshore lifting requirements, our units are ready to be deployed for any job. All units are equipped with accessories and built-in safety features to provide highly productive and efficient solutions for your cleaning needs.

3K Air Operated Unit
  • Dimensions: 12” W x 60” T
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • (1 each) 40K UHP pump: operating at 6.5 gpm.
  • (1 each) 8 in. cleaning head with 8 jets
  • Walk behind unit
  • 3,000 rpm. maximum rotation speed
  • Non-vacuum recover and vacuum recover available
  • 175 - 225 sq. ft. of cleaning per hour
3K Electric Class I / Div II Unit
  • Dimensions: 32” W x 44” L x 36” T
  • Weight: 225 lbs.
  • Offshore ready
  • Electric motor: 220 / 460 - 3 phase
  • Class I / Div. II Unit
  • Stainless steel wheel kit
  • Filter, regulator & lubricator assembly
  • (3 each) 3/8 in. x 50 ft. 6,000 psi. hoses with connections
  • (4 each) assorted nozzles - 4 gpm.
  • (1 each) trigger gun with extension
5K Hot / Cold Unit
  • Dimensions: 46” W x 46” L x 51” T
  • Weight: 1,800 lbs.
  • Offshore ready
  • Kubota 3cyl. Diesel Engine Tier 3
  • Spark arrestor and ESV
  • Skid package (roof top, seal drip pan, decals and SEPCo slings)
  • (4 each) pressure tips, (1 each) soap tip with suction hose
  • (3 each) 3/8 in. x 50 ft. 6,000 psi. hoses with connections
  • (1 each) high-pressure gun

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