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SMARTBOT Robotic Crawler

Our SMARTBOT Robotic Crawler is an omni-directional surface preparation vehicle that attaches itself, using a vacuum, to any vertical, horizontal or inverted surface. Utilizing this piece of equipment along with our proprietary process, a single operator can remove coatings at a rate of 350 - 550 sq. ft. per hour. Production rates will vary depending on coating millage and whether using a 40K or 55K UHP pump.

Using the same vacuum, the SMARTBOT Robotic Crawler will collect 100% of water, removed coatings and rust, leaving behind an ultra-clean surface that is free of all salts and chlorides. The SMARTBOT leaves a dry substrate that has the existing profile as it was initially instated, with no metal loss. The surface is ready to be coated immediately following the crawler which allows for maximum production during each shift.

All removed corrosion, coatings and water are then carried through our proprietary process, utilizing a vacuum source, to remove all contaminants that need to be contained or treated for disposal. The water at this point is typically lower than 10 ppm, which is generally acceptable for disposal into treated sewers or drainage systems.

Optional: The SMARTBOT Robotic Crawler can also be deployed with a sweep head attachment. The sweep head will create a tight substrate and remove all oxidation, loose coatings, and corrosion. This solution is great for etching concrete and other masonry surfaces, as well as re-coating maintenance projects.

  • SMARTBOT dimensions: 33” L x 24” W x 14.3” T
  • SMARTBOT weight: 175 lbs. gross
  • Omni-directional capabilities
  • 12 in. cleaning path utilizing 8 - jets
  • Optional sweep head solution
  • 350 ft. of 3 in. vacuum recover hose
  • 350 ft. of control box cable
  • 350 ft. of robot control cable
  • Patented suction seal
  • Joystick remote control

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