ISP Presents at SSPC Coatings+ 2020 National Conference

February 3, 2020

Advancements in UHP blasting have taken this experiment that started 20+ years ago and turned it into a proven method for surface preparation. With countless proven cases of success using UHP water blasting, their are still some owners and contractors that are unsure or uneasy about the thought of bare steel and water.

This is why earlier this year, ISP put together a whitepaper addressing some basic concerns surrounding water, as well as providing a general foundation of knowledge in regards to UHP water blasting and robotics specifically. The purpose of the paper was to provide the audience a basic level of information about UHP water blasting, enough to make the biggest non believer curious.

The paper was sent in to SSPC to be submitted into their Technical Program for their annual conference. After review, ISP was chosen to present the white paper at the annual Coatings+ conference this week. The educational presentation was lead by ISP's General Manager, Reggie Richey, and definitely did not go unnoticed to the audience.

We would like to thank SSPC on allowing us to present and pass along some knowledge from our years of experience. Below is a link where you can download the whitepaper to learn more about UHP water blasting.

Coatings + is comprised of protective, marine, and industrial coatings programming with Technical Sessions and Workshops focusing on surface preparation, application, coating formulation, testing, inspection, and green coatings solutions. SSPC training and certification programs are offered in conjunction with the event, SSPC standards committees meet, and prime networking opportunities abound with a 100,000 square foot trade show featuring 150+ exhibitors. (Source:

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